Dream Theater fans can look forward to a new DVD, however the source material for the future release has yet to take place.

Singer James LaBrie tells Tri-State Rock (via Blabbermouth) that the group will let the cameras roll on their Aug. 19 and 20 dates in Estadio Luna Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The vocalist says, "We're pretty stoked. We're actually gonna be using Mike Leonard, who was the production, filming company that we used for 'The Spirit Carries On' documentary. So they're coming back into it. And we're using Rich Chycki, who's worked on the last few Rush albums as engineer and mixer."

While the credits seem impressive enough, LaBrie says that it's the final product where fans will really get to see what went into the creation. He explains, "We have some technological things that are gonna be going on with this DVD that should make it quite interesting. But it is a two-night shoot … It's a beautiful, beautiful area, and it will be outside, so hopefully the weather gods will work in our favor. It's a really great place. We thought it was the perfect venue for us to do this DVD."

LaBrie says he expects the DVD to be "very cool" and "unique," and he feels it will force the band to step it up just like they did on the 'Score' concert film taped at Radio City Music Hall in New York.