Trivium surprised their fans yesterday by announcing that they were parting ways with drummer Nick Augusto. If anything, the timing was a bit odd as the band has been on tour with Volbeat and had to ask drum tech Mat Madiro to get up to speed and fill in for their remaining dates.

A statement released by the band seemed to suggest that there was no ill will between the band and Augusto, but that it was just a relationship that while initially strong had begun to fray over time. The group's full statement, which was penned by bassist Paolo Gregoletto, explained that they didn't want the growing divide to affect their performances and also wanted to make a move before what was still a decent relationship deteriorated any further. Showing that the relationship was still on good terms, Gregoletto stated that they wished nothing but the best for Augusto in his future endeavors and added that they would be rooting for his success.

While Augusto did not initially comment on the split, he's now weighed in via his Twitter account. "Thank you so much to all the fans, support throughout the years. This was not my decision but eternally grateful," he says in one of two tweets, which can be seen below:

For the time being, Madiro will be handling the drums for Trivium on their remaining dates. The group has shows booked in Europe and will also take part in the Mayhem Festival this summer. To see where they're playing, click here.

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