With Jay Weinberg now out of Slipknot, the next logical step for fans is to speculate and wonder about who the band's new drummer will be. Here, we've gathered six drummers who have various levels of ties to Slipknot.

When making personnel changes, Slipknot have turned to both familiar faces and musicians with no previous musical connection to the band. Weinberg and Alessandra "V-Man" Venturella both came from outside bands, bringing a fresh edge to the metal legends, while Michael "Tortilla Man" Pfaff was bandmates with Shawn "Clown" Crahan in the alternative rock band Dirty Little Rabbits.

Rather than speculate on just about any and all drummers who could conceivably and convincingly become Slipknot's third drummers, let's narrow it down to just a handful who have a connection to the band, either through side projects, guest spots or as live members.

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On Nov. 2, Slipknot posted a statement (and later deleted it) announcing they had parted ways with Weinberg, who joined in 2014.

"We would like to thank Jay Weinberg for his dedication and passion over the past 10 years. No one can ever replace Joey Jordison's original sound, style or energy, but Jay honored Joey’s parts and contributed to the last three albums and we, the band, and the fans appreciate it. But, as ever, Slipknot is intent on evolving. The band has decided to make a creative decision and part ways with Jay. We wish Jay all the best and are very excited for what the future holds," the statement read.

Now, all eyes are on the vacant drum spot and who can potentially fill it. Here are the drummers with ties to Slipknot.

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