One of the most unique parts of Korn's sound has always been Jonathan Davis' signature scatting. It's so unique that some dude named Damian once had audio singing Korn's 'Twist' on his online dating profile, listing it as his "greatest strength."

If you're a Korn fan, then you probably already know what the song "Twist" sounds like. It's the opening track on their 1996 album Life Is Peachy, and is less than a minute long, but features Davis scatting throughout most of it. He throws in the occasional "twist," but pretty much the entire track is unintelligible otherwise.

Damian uploaded the audio prompt on his Hinge profile under the category "My greatest strength." We didn't find his profile ourselves, a woman shared a TikTok playing the audio from her phone and absolutely cracking up. "My greatest strength is being able to sing the song 'Twist' by Korn. Here we go," he can be heard saying in the audio clip before he scats the opening sounds of the song. He sounds a bit more like Donald Duck than Davis, but we still give him an A for effort.

"That's a keeper," someone commented on the TikTok, with someone else writing, "You better have sent him a rose!"

For those who may be interested, we aren't sure if Damian is still single or if he's still exploring his options. The original TikTok was uploaded in June of 2022, and then Barstool Sports shared it on their own account a few days later after it went viral.

"Gotta cut him off after that no doubt," Barstool wrote as the caption.

The people in the comment section of Barstool's post seemed even more impressed, praising his vocal performance, calling it a "green flag" and even saying they would date him if they had the chance.

Surprisingly enough, because of the popularity of the video, Korn actually gained some new fans. According to one individual on Reddit, they only got into the band after stumbling across the TikTok. So they have Damian and the prospective love interest who posted the video to thank for introducing them.

Davis scatted much more frequently on Korn's earlier albums than the last few, and he doesn't do it live as much anymore either. He told the Daily Beast last year that he limits the scatting, and even the bagpipes, because he wants it to be more of a treat than an expected occurrence.

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"I don’t do the bagpipes a lot and I don’t do the fucking scatting a lot because everybody wants me to, and if I do it too much it’s gonna burn out. When I do it it’s special. I do it on every record, it’s just on one song and not throughout everything," the frontman asserted.

We wonder if Davis has seen the TikTok of Damian's profile. Check it out for yourself below.

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