Eagles of Death Metal will be the subject of a documentary directed by Colin Hanks that's expected to arrive in February. Deadline reports that the film will focus on the terror attack that took place in November 2015 at Le Bataclan in Paris where 89 people died as the band was headlining a show at the venue. The film will focus on the band's return to Europe in early 2016.

The movie, titled Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends), will air on HBO in February and is also expected to receive a theatrical screening as well. The documentary is being financed by Live Nation, marking their first project for the Live Nation Productions film unit.

Hanks and his producing partner Sean Stuart caught up with the band during their post-attack return to Paris to capture what they expected would be a cinematic moment. "How do you go on with your life with something like that?" said Hanks. The actor-turned-director, who received raves for his Tower Records documentary All Things Must Pass, says he views the film as an examination of the first steps of life.

The director says the film is not political, but he also says that they did not avoid the controversy that followed Hughes after he expressed his concern that some of the venue's staff might have been involved in the terror plot. Hanks, who had known both Jesse Hughes and fellow Eagles of Death Metal bandmate Josh Homme for years, agreed to work on the film to help spread the message about having the strength to overcome the terrorist action.

The movie will be presented in three parts, first introducing the band, then delving into footage of the band and revisiting the attack at Le Bataclan and finishing by joining the group returning to the road in Europe after the horrific events.

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