We don’t know about you, but this fan divisiveness about Suicide Silence’s upcoming self-titled album feels like one of the most fascinating events happening right now in metal. We caught up with vocalist Eddie Hermida to talk about recording with Ross Robinson and the amount of clean vocals fans can expect to hear.

Suicide Silence have already unleashed the tracks “Doris” and “Silence” to a mixed reception at best and a vitriolic one at worst. Eddie Hermida and producer Ross Robinson have both taken the criticism on the chin with a smile. Hermida even urged fans and naysayers to “give me everything you’ve got.”

“[Ross] doesn’t like perfect takes,” Hermida told us. “He’ll force something else out of you. If it’s too clean, he’s like, ‘Nope, that’s not gonna work with me, push it harder. I want to hear pain.’ If you can’t give it to him, he’ll go into your brain and start picking at you until you find that spot, that pain, that torment.” Ross even pushed over bassist Dan Kenny while tracking to get the musician to stop focusing on hitting each note perfectly. “He kept that take. He ended up putting that take on the record,” Hermida remembers.

As for the clean singing parts on Suicide Silence, Hermida broke the record down for us. “We’re just at the tip of the iceberg with ‘Doris.’ I think Alex [Lopez, drums] went off and said 70 percent [clean vocals]. I think it’s more,” Hermida estimated. “I do everything on this record, everything I’ve ever been able to do and more. Falsettos, I do very ballad-esque singing, there’s some straight guttural death metal growling on there. We have slams, bams and thank-you-maams. It’s a record that’ll take you through a lot of highs and lows.”

Check out our exclusive chat with Eddie Hermida above. Suicide Silence will be released Feb. 24.

Eddie Hermida Weighs in on Suicide Silence Backlash

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