Electric Wizard's mark of consistency has set the benchmark for 21st century doom with each ensuing release. It's been three years since the U.K. stoner doom troupe released Time to Die and they've returned with Wizard Bloody Wizard, another record that promises to plunge fans into the depths of numbness with paralytic riffs and Jus Osborne's lyrically cold cynicism. Don't believe us? Just check out "See You in Hell" above.

First off, no this isn't a cover of the iconic track from New Wave of British Heavy Metal institution Grim Reaper. "See You in Hell" wallops with a relentless barrage of start/stop rhythms that serve as a means of grinding the listener down. Electric Wizard embody the '70s in the video (remember Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" video?), with their onstage performance set against a constantly shifting backdrop that runs through a number of psychedelic effects.

"We set out to record the most brutally simple and Neanderthal song ever. No finesse, no frills, just a mindless Neanderthal thud. We needed to take it back to the roots, strip it back to the blues again and then play it our way….louder, dirtier and sicker," Osborne told Noisey, who premiered the video. "Super heavy, snail-paced, brain damage boogie…caveman drumming, screeching feedback, screaming vocals….we wanted every note to scream 'F--k you and your world.' That's the roots of heavy metal….y'know Blue Cheer, Zeppelin, Grand Funk, Stooges….music 'the man' f--king hates, music people with 'good taste' despise."

Wizard Bloody Wizard will be unleashed on Nov. 10 through Witchfinder / Spinefarm. To pre-order the album in either physical or digital formats, head to this location.

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