Brazil's groove metal brutalizers Eminence have teamed up with Soilwork singer Bjorn Strid on the new fierce new song "Dark Echoes," which directly confronts bigotry in all its atrocious, abhorrent forms.

When there's genuine angst at play and real world problems to confront, the passion is beyond palpable, which is the case of "Dark Echoes." Eminence were especially wise to tap Strid, who offers a sense of catharsis here, almost like everything is actually going to be okay, despite all the absurd hatred present in the world.

"We cannot accept fascism, racism, homophobia, violence against women and remain silent as if nothing is happening and simply look at the numbers on the internet and TV," commented guitarist Allan Wallace. "We have to fight to make this planet a better place with good political leaders without dictators and corruption like what is happening here in Brazil."

Regarding Strid's guest spot, he continued, "We have some friends in common with Bjorn and our producer Tue Madsen talked about having a special guest on the new Eminence album. He really liked the music and agreed to share the vocals with our singer Bruno Paraguay. It was a surprise for all of us and we were very happy with it. Bjorn is a great singer and a very cool guy."

Watch the music video for "Dark Echoes" below.

Follow Eminance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTokDark Echoes will be released on May 28 and the album can be pre-saved on digital service providers here.

Eminence, "Dark Echoes" Lyrics

I'm trying to comprehend.
How sick your mind has grown.
Bloody hands it's too late to pretend.
But we never give in, never give up.

We’re all gonna die alone.
We can't live kneeling on the ground.
You are your own backbone
So never give in, never give up

Fascists, racists, chauvinists, capitalists, homophobes, nazis, fascists
Your breed’s about to be replaced and we're here to put you in your grave.

Can't comprehend, can’t wrap myself around your deluded mind
How sick is your soul
As you pretend, your guilt’s on fire, save yourself while you can.

Can’t you feel it? Can you feel you are not alone.
Many of lives that have gone.
All this dark has fed the light in my bone.
All the Demons and Gods will cause no more pain.

I refuse this to end. I will not surrender.

Eminence, "Dark Echoes" Feat. Soilwork's Bjorn Strid

Eminence, Dark Echoes Album Art + Track Listing

Eminence, 'Dark Echoes'

01. "Dark Echoes" Feat. Soilwork's Bjorn Strid
02. "Burn it Again"
03. "B.Y.O.G"
04. "Wake up The Blind"
05. "Into The Ashes"
06. "The Vanishing"
07. "Inner Suffering"
08. "Death of a Nation"
09. "The Hologram"
10. "N3mbers"
11. "Not Hating, Just Saying"
12. "Parasite Planet"

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