Belgian black metal conquerors Enthroned are set to assault fans with their 2014 full-length, 'Sovereigns.' The much anticipated record won't hit stores until April 15, but we've got an exclusive stream of the full album right now!

For over 20 years, Enthroned have been pumping out heavy-hitting black metal, releasing album after album of sonic blasphemy to the delight of fans worldwide. 'Sovereigns' keeps Enthroned's two-decade reign of consistency very much alive, and the album also marks the studio debut of guitarist Peter 'ZarZax' Noens and drummer Manuel 'Menthor' Rodrigues.

'Sovereigns' is very much an album instead of just a collection of songs. Using symphonic elements, creepy chants and lightning-fast musicianship, the disc flows smoothly without allowing the listener to become too comfortable. However, there are some truly beautiful moments within 'Sovereigns,' which will surely be appreciated by fans.

Drop whatever you're sacrificing to the Dark Lord and check out our exclusive premiere of Enthroned's entire 'Sovereigns' album below! To pre-order 'Sovereigns,' click here. Enthroned will be a part of this year's Maryland Deathfest, so be sure to grab tickets while they're still available!

Enthroned, 'Sovereigns' - Full Album Stream