While heading into the studio with your favorite band might seem far-fetched, one very special Epica fan got to do just that for an upcoming episode of the Dutch TV show ‘Niks Te Gek.’

‘Niks Te Gek’ aims to take the dreams of mentally or physically challenged individuals and turn them into reality no matter how big or small they may be. When Ruurd Woltring weighed in with his wish asking to record one of his own songs with the Dutch symphonic metal act Epica, the show made it happen.

Epica took Woltring’s original music and lyrics and then arranged them transforming it into an Epica sounding tune. Woltring was invited into the studio by the band and the end results are a song called ‘Forevermore.’

The clip below goes behind the scenes of the recording process and the full episode of the show is set to air in Belgium and the Netherlands on Sept. 2. Epica commented on the clip on their website, saying, “As you might have heard, Epica was part of a very special recording session last week. Here is the result of which we (and the whole team) are very proud!”

Woltring also commented on the experience via his MySpace page, saying, “I signed up for the program, sent in my wish, discussed some details with the editor of the program (who by then told me it would be broadcasted in a different program, called 'Niks Te Gek' ('Nothing Too Weird') from NTR), did a couple of camera shots in my hometown, went to EPICA's concert at the Rock Harz open air festival in Ballenstedt (Germany) on Friday 13 July 2012, exclusively met the band backstage, played an acoustic version of my song on the keyboard of Coen Janssen (the pianist and keyboardist of the band) and guess what... THEY ALL SAD YES! Yahoo! I'm so excited!”

Sounds like good vibes all around!

Epica released their latest disc 'Requiem for the Indifferent' back in March. Fans in North America can catch Epica on their upcoming fall tour, check out the dates here.

Watch Epica Recording with Fan Ruurd Woltring