If you're unfamiliar with shredder Eric Calderone (aka Erock), you need to spend some more time on YouTube. The celebrated guitarist has garnered a huge online following through his 'Meets Metal' videos, which are not only incredibly creative, but addicting in their entertainment value. We're proud to announce that we've teamed up with Eric Calderone for a blistering original 'Shred' video (watch above).

Calderone's '331Erock' channel on YouTube has become a phenomenon within the metal community. With well over 100 videos to offer, Calderone has amassed nearly 122 million views and well over 900,000 subscribers. The dude has something to offer for everyone, remixing classic songs from genres such as classic rock, pop and holiday music, even breaking off into movie, TV and video game themes.

The guitarist's exclusive shred for Loudwire is an original piece of 7-string awesomeness. Performed to a solid backing track, Calderone starts off with an epic riff and a bit of tapping for good measure before launching into full shred mode. The masterful player explores the full neck of his ESP axe, throwing in some of the cleanest sweeps you've ever heard while Calderone maintains his signature laid-back demeanor.

"I was trying to go for a good balance," says Calderone. "Back in the day when I first got enlightened to the word 'shred' -- a very dangerous word. I just wanted to play the fastest I could all the time. Through the years I feel like I've matured a little bit, so I tried to make it shreddy but tasteful."

Watch Eric Calderone shred a new, original track in the video above! To check out and subscribe to Calderone's own YouTube channel, click below: