There are many differing opinions on how musicians should use their platform when it comes to discussing social issues and other problems in the world. Evanescence's Amy Lee has always tried to stay neutral, but 2020 has taken advantage.

"I definitely still don't want to divide people. Our job as artists — to me — is to bring people together. Also it's to provoke thought," Lee told Loudwire Nights. "You think about a concert, you think about bringing all those people into a room and making them look into their core and find similarities between each other, in a way. Because at the core of everything, we're not red, we're not blue, we're not anything. We're just people. And I want that."

However, Evanescence's latest single from their upcoming album The Bitter Truth, "Use My Voice," was definitely Lee's way of publicly taking a stance.

"I've in a way reached a point this year where I feel like silence is a statement that I don't want to make," the singer shifted. While she didn't go into specific detail about her opinions, she affirmed that they are massive.

"I needed to express myself in that song. And we began thinking about... how can we make things better? Not divide people, not scream from the rooftops. There's a lot of screaming going on," Lee continued. "Use My Voice," in turn is a song imploring people to vote, be themselves and to stand by what they believe.

The Bitter Truth isn't quite finished yet, according to the singer, but it's happening. Until a release date is announced, we can look forward to hearing more new songs released one by one. To hear more, listen to the full interview above.

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