Five Finger Death Punch and their fans put up a notable fight in yesterday’s Cage Match but Evanescence diehards came through for their band, preventing 5FDP from entering our Cage Match Hall of Fame. Can Amy Lee and company's devoted group of fanatics do it again against a new challenger?

Bush's single ‘The Sound of Winter’ off of their latest album ‘The Sea of Memories’ enters the Cage Match powered by the raspy and sultry voice of frontman Gavin Rossdale. Ironically, the Bush frontman gushed about his opponent’s voice just a few days ago in a recent Tweet by stating, “Listening to Amy Lee's voice and getting lost in Austria.”

Will Lee’s voice continue to take over Rossdale’s mind or will he snap out of the delusion to earn a victory? Listen to both tracks and vote for your favorite song below:

Listen to Evanescence, 'What You Want'
Listen to Bush, ‘The Sound of Winter’


Rules of Cage Match:

There are no rules … except this one: If a song remains the reigning champ for five straight cage matches, it is retired to the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame. With so many great songs out there, we have to give other bands a chance!