Everlast brought some serious soul to the Big Apple when he performed along with openers Redlight King and Punchfunklove on Saturday (Nov. 5) at Webster Hall.

To see the Grammy Award winning Everlast in such an intimate venue was truly a treat. The New York native, also known by his real name Erik Francis Schrody and by 'Whitey Ford' (in reference to his classic 1998 album ‘Whitey Ford Sings the Blues’), belted out fan favorites such as ‘White Trash Beautiful,’ ‘Blinded,’ ‘Put Your Lights On’ and of course ‘What It’s Like,’ among numerous others. To say the least, Everlast’s voice was impeccable and so was his guitar playing.

Redlight King took the stage and made hips move and heads bob as they performed with charm and great chemistry onstage. Frontman Kaz performed with intensity and soul combined with a commanding edge. The band played numerous songs from their debut album, ‘Something for the Pain,’ including the title track, the latest single ‘Bullet in My Hand’ and the disc's  first single, the Neil Young-sampling ‘Old Man.'

The opening band Punchfunklove, made up of New York natives hailing from Queens, tore the stage up and gained new fans as they played a vigorous and eclectic set of original music. The band had a bit of a Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe with groovy bass lines and their fusion of rock, funk, blues and even hip hop.

Everlast and Redlight King are on the road together as part of the Songs of the Ungrateful Living Tour until Nov. 23, where the trek wraps up in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. For a full list of tour dates go here.

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