Redlight King are tackling the trials and tribulations of a generation with their latest single, 'Times Are Hard,' and if the song and its recent lyric video didn't tug at you enough, the band's new official video for the track is all but certain to move you.

The stirring tune is an observational track that digs right into the soul of the modern society, which is dealing with a shrinking economy, unemployment and more stresses. The black-and-white clip, directed by Strati Hovartos and produced by John Oakes, does a solid job of portraying that feeling, as Redlight King frontman Kaz wanders a snow-covered, run down area while singing the song.

But though the song addresses the tough times in life, there's a bit of an uplifting spirit to it and that is eventually paid off in the clip as Kaz eventually finds that "someone to hold onto" that helps him with the day-to-day struggles.

'Times Are Hard' is featured on Redlight King's sophomore set, 'Irons in the Fire.' The disc is out now and you'll likely be able to hear the song when the band joins Seether on their spring tour beginning April 29. Redlight King are mixing a few dates of their own amidst the Seether trek and their full itinerary and ticketing information can be found in the "shows" section at their website.