Redlight King are digging deeper into their sophomore set, unveiling the new song 'Times Are Hard' off the 'Irons in the Fire' album. The group just shot a lyric video for the track and they're teaming with Loudwire to debut the new promo right here.

The viewer is introduced to the clip looking down on a tablet of paper as frontman Kaz scrawls the lyrics to the song on sheet after sheet. To coincide with the pacing of the track, his handwriting is sped up to show the words as they span the paper.

The lyrics definitely strike a chord in this dog-eat-dog world, as Kaz pens the chorus, "These times are hard / Feels like nothing's gonna change / Nowhere to start / And you've got nothing for the pain / Cause when life moves fast / It don't matter who you are / You've got to find someone to hold onto / Damn these times are hard."

'Times Are Hard' is the second single from Redlight King's 'Irons in the Fire' album (available at iTunes), following their Top 10 single 'Born to Rise.' Keep an eye out for more from Redlight King as 2014 progresses.

Redlight King Times Are Hard
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