Ex Deo, the ancient Rome themed symphonic death metal band spearheaded by Kataklysm frontman Maurizio Iacono, have just debuted a stunning music video for "Imperator," the first single off their forthcoming fourth album, The Thirteen Years of Nero.

As the title indicates, the record is focused on the reign of Nero, the fifth emperor of Rome who had a particularly notorious reputation for tyranny and religious persecution.

"Imperator" carries on in the traditional Ex Deo style where low-slung, mid-tempo riffs establish the foundation for the group's cinematic leanings to be placed front and center as fans soak in more history lessons surrounding one of history's most influential and successful empires.

"We wanted to release a heavy hitting first single and there was no doubt that 'Imperator' in all of its grandiose aura and power was the choice," stated Iacono. "On the album, the song introduces Nero as the new Emperor of Rome. For the video, we used acclaimed video director Scott Hansen and together we recreated a dinner party in true Nero style like you never seen before — you have been warned!"

Watch the video for "Imperator" toward the bottom of the page.

"When it comes to Ancient Rome, the content is long, rich and extensive, the personalities reflect every society imaginable from just, fair and generous to greed, evil and merciless," the vocalist continued, this time speaking about The Thirteen Years of Nero on the whole.

"The world we live in today was shaped by Rome – it doesn’t take much see it all around you in the simplest things. For this record, it was the proper time to fallow the timeline of one Rome’s most controversial figures, Nero. On this album, we follow him through his thirteen-year journey as emperor of Rome and unveil the true face of one of the world’s most worshiped villains," he added.

Rounding out Iacono in the lineup are two Kataklysm bandmates, guitarists Jean François and Stéphane Barber (who plays bass in Kataklysm) as well as drummer Jeremie Kling (The Absence, Venom Inc.), bassist Dano Apekian (Ashes of Eden) with Clements Wijers (Carach Angren, Lindemann) handling the orchestral score.

The Thirteen Years of Nero will be released on Aug. 27 on Napalm Records and pre-orders can be placed here. View the artwork and track listing for the album beneath the music video.

Ex Deo, "Imperator" Lyrics

From the bowels of eternal fire, risen deep from the womb of hell
I breathe the power, stricken from the poisonous tongue
Of filth and scum, strangulate the earth of the purest blood; I lay in the eagles’ nest,
surrounded by serpents
The days of silence are over… see the winds of devastation
Rein in the terror; bring in the madness, my mother’s blood forever entangled
Hear me now... I never wanted to be king… see me now… the reckoning for years to come...
Imperator… hail me as the god of war, Imperator… seeded in thunder and light
Imperator... the lust… the blood... the sun Imperator... hail me as the tyrant god
Rein... Forever... Antichrist... Worship... Forever... Antichrist... Sing…Forever... Antichrist…
Forever... Antichrist
Rein in the terror; bring in the madness, my mother’s blood forever entangled
Hear them now... the cries of faithfuls burned alive... see it now... engulf the word in fire

Ex Deo, "Imperator" Music Video

Ex Deo, The Thirteen Years of Nero Album Art + Track Listing

Ex Deo, 'The Thirteen Years of Nero'
Napalm Records

01. "The Fall of Claudius"
02. Imperator"
03. "The Head of the Snake"
04. "Boudicca (Queen of the Iceni)" Feat. Brittney Slayes
05. "Britannia: The 9th at Camulodonum "
06. "Trial of the Gods" (Intermezzo)
07. "The Fiddle & the Fire"
08. "Son of the Deified"
09. "What Artist Dies in Me…"
10. "The Revolt of Galba"

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