Since his departure from Dragonforce the music world hasn't heard much from vocalist ZP Theart but we now know that it's because he's been hard at work assembling and writing music with his new project I Am I.

The band is targeting a May 26 release for their debut disc ‘Event Horizon.' They will be releasing it independently in an effort to keep things more personal. Oh, and another thing to note, this won’t be your average release; it will only be issued on a USB packaged in a CD style case with artwork.

Theart recently talked about the importance of ‘Event Horizon’ and what it means to him, saying, "My whole career has been leading up to this point and I've never been more proud of anything in my life, this album will definitely live up to its name."

According to Theart, the disc has a lot to say, he told, “It's an album of message. It's about past meeting future and everything in between. It's about warnings for the current generation not to go down the same road in the future as we are doing now as that will surely secure our demise. To see and not to perceive, to hear and not to listen, is the downfall of all. It's a new age of enlightenment and there's a lot of messages in the songs that will hopefully kickstart a few people who are slow on the uptake."

As an introduction to the new band, they are offering fans a taste of their sound with the track ‘This is My Life.’ Listen to it here.

The rest of the band is rounded out by Paul Clark Jr. on drums, Jacob Ziemba on guitar and Neil Salmon on bass. They’ll make their live debut on May 27 at Birmingham’s 02 Academy 2.

For more on the new band, visit their website.