Before their untimely breakup after just two albums, Purson represented the apex of the retro-rock movement with their genuine psychedelic charm and '60s obsession. At the center of it all was mastermind Rosalie Cunningham, who recorded a cover of The Beatles' classic "Strawberry Fields Forever" for the song's 50th anniversary, which was yesterday (Feb. 19).

The cover is a magnificent take on the original, keeping true to the gently pulsating moments that explode with kaleidoscopic moments. Cunningham demonstrates her mastery, convincingly taking on the game-changing sonic hallmarks of the time, adding a personal spin on the video which includes footage from the 26-year-old's youth.

“’Strawberry Fields’ remains one of The Beatles’ and Sir George Martin’s most outstanding production achievements and my idea at first was to attempt to recreate the sounds and other-worldly textures that made the original so spellbinding. But it became obvious that to remain true to their creative spirit, I had to remold it my own way, without taking too much away from that pioneering arrangement," stated Cunningham.

Working together on this rendition with her father, Mark, Rosalie performed all of the instrumental and vocal parts, save for drums and percussion which were handled by Mark.

"My dad and I are both obsessive, lifelong Beatles fans. In terms of my own musical career, they have been my biggest influence. It’s interesting that in 1987, my dad also recorded the song as an add-on to a 20th anniversary re-creation of the Sgt. Pepper album, so there’s been a ‘full circle’ element to this project," Rosalie added.

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