Over the last decade, a slew of '60s and '70s enthused rock acts have cropped up with Purson being among the best in class. Unfortunately, the group made the decision to split up late last year, but have left fans with a parting shot by way of the single "Chocolate Money."

Purson made their full length debut with a self-titled record in 2013, gathering a strong buzz in the underground. Improving on their sound in every facet, the rock troupe led by singer / guitarist Rosalie Cunningham delivered a stunning sophomore effort, Desire's Magic Theatre, a genuine throwback to the era they worship the most.

Cunningham has now released a statement about the group's dissolution and her future endeavors, stating, "The past five years have been an unforgettable whirlwind, for which I have to thank our wonderful fans around the world, the band, and all the people who have contributed to Purson's success over the years. Their support has been overwhelming, but the Purson framework has gone as far as it could go and now it's simply time to move on. I feel strongly drawn to a more DIY approach to my career in music and look forward to the freedom to explore many avenues as a solo artist."

That leaves us with "Chocolate Money," a boogie-woogie, piano centric jam that sends Purson out on a high, feel-good note. The song can be heard on Spotify or downloaded through iTunes. "'Chocolate Money' is a snapshot of the ostentatious decadence of the '70s; the mythical rock star character with his double-entendre and self-centered hedonism," the frontwoman began. "The industry has become a very different world since then, which is something I will expand on lyrically with my next album. It has inspired my desire to go back to basics and remember what music is supposed to be about."

On Feb. 19 earlier this year, Cunningham released a dazzling cover of The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever" on the 50th anniversary of the song's release.

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