Gotcha! Exodus have just debuted a new music video for "Clickbait," the latest song off the long-awaited Persona Non Grata album, which is set to arrive on Nov. 19.

This latest single was preceded by the furious "The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)" and carries on in the same vein — entirely unrelenting as Exodus dish out another one of the most enraged, pissed off songs in their whole career.

We're not going to lie here — we conspired a bit with Nuclear Blast to help lead you to this latest Exodus track and it was only fitting to show you what genuine clickbait looks like. This time, though, there is actually a reward for clicking (the song!), instead of being bummed out that the story you're reading has nothing to do at all with the headline that roped you in.

Exodus 'Clickbait' Campaign
Nuclear Blast

Now that we've all learned a lesson, Gary Holt commented on this scorching Persona Non Grata offering and exclaimed, "Very excited to launch the release of 'Clickbait' from our upcoming record! Crushing and aggressive as hell, it captures the power of the new record perfectly! Getting more excited by the day. November 19th can’t come fast enough!”

Watch the music video for "Clickbait" directly below and pre-order Exodus' first record since 2014's Blood In, Blood Out here.

Exodus, "Clickbait" Lyrics

False headlines full of lies
to keep us entertained
Promises made to lure you in
yet nothing gained
Draw you in like vultures
to a pile of rotting meat
The snare is set in bold lettering
As we swallow the deceit

So naïve
So easily deceived
So ignorant
Fall for all the tales they weave
They mislead
They speak and every word we heed
Hearing only what we think we need

We take the clickbait
Follow as they lead
With every word the captivate
We blindly follow
Their trail like human sheep
Never awake, always asleep

Twisting people’s words and then
they pour them in your ears
In with the lies, out with the truth
all facts just disappear
Spoken words are mangled into ones you never meant
All distorted, corrupting all intent

Our journalistic masters
Command and we obey
Fall in line like lemmings
That feed these birds of prey
Do as we say not as we do
Stop thinking on your own
Scream for more red meat
While gnawing on the bone

Exodus, "Clickbait" Music Video

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