In the fourth and final group of the Extreme Metal Olympics' Opening Round, we've got another batch of eclectic mixes. Hailing from countries such as Canada, Austria, Japan and Belgium, these eight bands are among the 32 acts vying for the gold in Loudwire's Extreme Metal Olympics.

Swedish metal masters Opeth are defending their territory against Belgium's bigest death metal band, Aborted.

Austria is represented in these Olympics by the crushing sounds of Belphegor. Facing the Austrian death machines are the eccentric Japanese experimental metallers of Dir En Grey.

Polish death metal veterans Decapitated are facing an equally influential death metal band from Sweden. Hypocrisy bring Swedish death metal at it's finest, and they're one of four bands in the Extreme Metal Olympics representing their homeland.

Iconic frontwoman Angela Gossow and the rest of Arch Enemy are also competing for Sweden, taking on Canadian technical death metal innovators Cryptopsy.

Check out music from these eight bands and vote for your favorites below!

(The Opening Round polls will close on Tuesday, July 31, at 12 noon ET. Fans are able to vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure your favorite band wins!)

Opeth, 'The Lotus Eater'
Aborted, 'The Chondrin Enigma'
Belphegor, 'Bondage Goat Zombie'
Dir En Grey, 'Different Sense'
Decapitated, 'Spheres of Madness'
Hypocrisy, 'The Fourth Dimension'
Arch Enemy, 'Nemesis'
Cryptopsy, 'Phobophile'


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