Despite their being difficulties making their comeback record, 2015's Sol Invictus, Faith No More have been working on new music, according to keyboardist Roddy Bottum in a new interview.

"The last record was a real struggle to make," Bottum tells The Ring, the Cage, and the Stage in an interview which can be heard below. "It felt really good and it was a really great exercise in taking us and our inner family sort of like creative process to the next level. It was a place that we kind of needed to go to make Sol Invictus. We had spent a lot of time sort of coming back together and getting to know each other again and making music again and playing old songs, and then it kind of reached a point where it felt kind of dirty to just do what we were doing, just these shows of old songs. So we took it to the next level and that felt really good. I think we all walked away from that - even though it was like a really hard process to get through that record - I think we walked away from it with really positive optimistic sort of perspectives."

Faith No More broke up in 1998 following the touring cycle for their Album of the Year LP, which came out in 1997. They reunited in 2009 and delivered Sol Invictus in 2015. Last year, FNM frontman Mike Patton, who has been busy singing for Dead Cross lately, told Full Metal Jackie that the band are, "kind of on a extended break and if something happens, it'll happen organically and naturally but I kind of don't think it will."

Asked if he and the rest of Faith No More are working on new ideas musically but not sure of where it might go, Bottum says, "Yeah, that's fair to say. Yes. Absolutely."

"I will periodically go to San Francisco and make music with those guys," he continues. "What we do is a really special, unique thing that we kind of share - especially like me and Mike Bordin and Billy… We were super young - we were, like, 18, 19 years old and when we started making music, so we kind of get in the room and we have a language that speaks really loud and really clear, at least to the three of us. I mean, where it goes is questionable, but we have sort of a language that's kind of undeniable, a really sort of family sense."

"I think we all acknowledge that it's not something that any of us wanna turn our backs on, and it's kind of fun to do," he adds. "So in the hopes of pushing things forward and making new music, we continue to do that, to like get together and make new sounds and just have a dialogue about prospects and songs and where we go in the future."

Bottum is currently working on new music with Imperial Teen, the San Francisco-based indie-pop outfit he has been singing and playing guitar for since the late '90s.

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