Faith No More's debut record, We Care a Lot, celebrated its 30th anniversary last year and a deluxe edition reissue will arrive this Friday (Aug. 19). The avant-garde rock outfit will commemorate this special release by reuniting with former singer Chuck Mosley for a pair of select performances this week, billed as "Chuck Mosley & Friends."

The band uploaded a humorous video, initially showing Mosley on the phone confirming a grocery list of "bread, milk, cheese, eggs." Hurried, he finishes his call, looking into the camera as he reveals he'll be playing two shows "with some friends of mine." Upon mentioning this, the current members of Faith No More (except Mike Patton) turn around, smiling, as the bass line from "We Care a Lot" begins.

Both shows will take place in California, the first being tomorrow (Aug. 18) in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall. The second show will be an acoustic set at the Troubadour in West Hollywood two days later on Aug. 20. Faith No More also posted an image from keyboardist Roddy Bottum (seen below), confirming again that Mosley will be performing with the group.

Mosley was a member of Faith No More between 1983 and 1988, contributing vocals on the band's first two albums, the aforementioned We Care a Lot as well as it's follow-up, Introduce Yourself. After his departure, Mosley joined hardcore punk icons Bad Brains in 1990, but left just two years later. He formed the funk metal outfit Cement, releasing a pair of albums in '93 and '94. With one solo record under his name, the singer released a collection of early mixes and demos from the album (Will Rap over Hard Rock for Food) last month.

Faith No More With Chuck Mosley Tour Dates

8/18 — San Francisco, Calif. @ Great American Music Hall
8/20 — West Hollywood, Calif. @ The Troubadour

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