Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum is launching a new project, Man on Man, with his boyfriend Joey Holman. The outlet was started in quarantine and the group’s debut single, “Daddy,” is set to drop next week.

Bottum was one of the first openly gay musicians in the industry, coming out during a 1993 interview with The Advocate. “I never thought it was that important,” Bottum said. “Since I went public I tend to see the prejudice that's being leveled against homosexuals. Before, I tended to think of it as a gossipy sort of a thing. Now I think of being openly gay as a political statement, something that in some small way furthers the gay rights movement.”

Bottum would go on to compose the soundtrack for the gay romantic comedy Adam & Steve, while also branching out into children’s programming by scoring multiple Fred projects.

As for Man on Man, Bottum tweeted, "We've talked about projects in quarantine, y'all n me. I'm happy to announce that me and Joeys record is finished and we'll release our first single, Daddy, next week. We're calling it MAN ON MAN. Love yous." The group’s Instagram profile adds, “MAN ON MAN is Roddy Bottum and Joey Holman. They’re gay lovers making gay music.”

There’s currently no word on when Bottum and Holman’s debut album will be released, or if it will be put out by Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings.

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