Falling in Reverse have released a rockin’ video for their new single ‘Raised By Wolves’ off of their latest record ‘The Drug In Me Is You.’

The video takes you into a the day in the life of Falling in Reverse, having fun backstage, practicing, getting ready and even playing rock paper scissors. It also includes clips of a vigorous onstage performance in front of their energetic fans.

In our recent interview with guitarist Jacky Vincent and frontman Ronnie Radke, the duo gushed all about their fans. Vincent says, “With the first tour it was mostly kids and now I started to see a lot of dudes, like military hardcore dudes. My favorite thing seeing is old rockers, rockin’ out.”

Radke adds, “Or little kids, I never saw little kids before come to the shows but I think it’s because I try to set positive examples so parents are more likely to bring them.” He goes on to say, “I tell people not to do drugs on stage, I don’t drink and I try to promote a better lifestyle or them and I noticed them starting to get younger and younger so it’s a good feeling to have.”

Stay tuned for our full interview with Ronnie Radke and Jacky Vincent of Falling in Reverse, but for now check out the band’s new music video for 'Raised By Wolves.'

Watch the Falling in Reverse ‘Raised By Wolves’ Video