It was March 22, 1987, when Anthrax released the album that would change their career. The group had built a decent following with their first two albums, but 'Among the Living' would arguably prove to be their biggest and most popular record, so much so that the band even reunited the 'Among the Living' lineup for a tour back in 2005 and is playing the entire album on the 2013 Metal Alliance Tour. This Readers Poll asks you to tell us which song off the classic 'Among the Living' album is your favorite.

Right off the bat, the hard-driving guitars take you in on the 'Among the Living' title track, which kicks off the disc. 'Caught in a Mosh' has becoming a live favorite with its high energy aggression and some nifty guitar and bass work from Dan Spitz, Scott Ian and Frank Bello. 'I Am the Law' was one of the album's two singles and has some majorly chunky riffs. 'Efinikufesin (N.F.L.)' is just a chugging rocker that finds its groove and rides and 'A Skeleton in the Closet' closed out side one with a monstrous high-energy throwdown.

Back in the days where records were more recognized by sides, the tribal drum beat of Charlie Benante on 'Indians' was a crushing way to kick Side 2 off. 'One World' provided the fist-pumping follow-up, and 'A.D.I./Horror of It All' was the album curve ball with some dark foreboding and bluesy guitar work leading off the track before the fury kicked in. The album concluded with 'Imitation of Life,' a blisteringly fast rocker featuring Joey Belladonna's furious abandon on vocals.

Simply put, front-to-back, Anthrax's 'Among the Living' rocks! Now it's your turn to tell us which of these nine tracks that make up the disc is your favorite. Let us know by voting in the poll below: