Pantera were still in the prime of their career in 2000 when their 'Reinventing the Steel' album arrived. Sadly, the disc would prove to be the band's final studio album, but it remains a significant piece of the tremendous legacy the band left behind. In this Readers Poll, we ask you, the fans, to pick your favorite song off 'Reinventing the Steel.'

The album, which was released on March 21, 2000 (although some sources list the date as March 14), was a powerful disc that featured a lot of songs reflecting on the band -- their career, their relationships, the fans and their peers. It kicks off with the hard-hitting 'Hellbound.' 'Goddamn Electric' was a salute to their biggest influences -- Black Sabbath and Slayer, and 'Yesterday Don't Mean S---' is just a hard-driving rocker representative of the band at their best.

Vinnie Paul's dexterous drumming and Dimebag Darrell's squealing licks highlight 'You've Got to Belong to It,' and 'Revolution is My Name' was the album's breakout single, with Phil Anselmo fully unleashing on vocals. 'Death Rattle' took the band into speed metal territory, riffing and rocking as hard and as fast as they could.

'We'll Grind That Axe for a Long Time' offered up a grungier sound, with Rex Brown's bass holding down the low end. The album ended on a brutal note with 'Uplift,' 'It Makes Them Disappear' and the heavy 'I'll Cast a Shadow' finishing out the disc.

That's 10 solid Pantera tracks making up their final studio album, 'Reinventing the Steel.' Now it's your turn to tell us which of these songs was your favorite. Let us know in the poll below: