Back on May 25, 1983, Ronnie James Dio showed that stepping away from Black Sabbath would not set back his career, as his self-titled band Dio delivered a metal classic known as 'Holy Diver' on their very first try. This Readers Poll reflects on the disc and asks the Dio fans to tell us which song from their debut album was your favorite.

With a killer lineup that included future Whitesnake and Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell, Dio's Black Sabbath drumming cohort Vinny Appice and his onetime Rainbow bassist and keyboardist Jimmy Bain in tow, the band delivered such huge metal staples as 'Holy Diver' and 'Rainbow in the Dark.' But the disc was also filled with such solid tracks as 'Stand Up and Shout,' 'Caught in the Middle,' 'Don't Talk to Strangers' and 'Straight Through the Heart' that truly helped make it one of 1983's must-own gems.

Having toiled for bands where there was already a dominant personality in place, Dio gave Ronnie James Dio a place to truly take control and he did so not only with his powerful voice, but also with his masterful songwriting.

Take a look at the full 'Holy Diver' track listing below and vote for your favorite track off this Dio classic in our Readers Poll: