On May 20, 1997, the Foo Fighters took a major step toward becoming the stadium-filling band they've turned into by releasing their second album, 'The Colour and the Shape.' Though the recording of the disc came during a very tumultuous period for Dave Grohl, but the outcome of the material was top shelf and ready-made for the concert stage. This Readers Poll asks you to let us know what song off this career-changing record for the Foo Fighters is your favorite.

Though it was the band's sophomore set, the disc was really the first for Grohl with a fully fleshed out lineup and it didn't come without a few bumps along the way. The band leader was going through a divorce with his wife, which provided to a more introspective collection of songs. Meanwhile, in the studio, he and drummer William Goldsmith were not creatively on the same page and Goldsmith left before recording was complete. But even with all the drama, 'The Colour and the Shape' turned into a truly defining record for the band.

There was the angsty bitterness of 'Monkey Wrench' serving as the lead single and setting the pace. 'Everlong' followed, with Grohl digging into the heart of a personal connection. 'My Hero' became a favorite with its memorable drum and bass parts, and 'Walking After You' showed off a more meditative side of the Foo Fighters sound. Meanwhile, non-singles like 'Hey Johnny Park,' 'Doll' and 'New Way Home' also generated some love amongst the band's fans.

Take a look at the full 'The Colour and the Shape' track listing in the Readers Poll below and be sure to vote for your favorite: