If you’re missing the Finnish love metalers of H.I.M., you’re not alone. Even though the band’s manager Seppo Vesterinen confirmed that Ville Valo and the gang would release a new record in 2012 the release date and progression of the upcoming disc are still hazy.

Even though the band has been under the radar since their last release, 2010’s ‘Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice,’ frontman Ville Valo conducted an interview with Kerrang Magazine just last month.

“I know that things have been really quiet of late,” Valo says of the band’s absence “But our drummer [Gas Lipstick] has suffered a music-related injury – at least that’s what he says it is. He has nerve damage and it’s been a problem for about a year now; obviously it’s been terrible for him, but it’s also been stressful for the rest of the group. You can’t make rock music without a drummer.”

After the release of ‘Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice,’ H.I.M. were dropped from Warner Bros., records. “When we signed with [the label] there were lots of people there who really loved the band, loved what we were doing; people who worked hard for us and who really had our best interests at heart. And now, of course, all of those people have left the company. So instead we had a bunch of people that we didn’t know, who didn’t know us, and who we felt didn’t really understand what we are about and how to best represent us.”

Valo does state, “I’d like the album to be released on Rise Above.” He goes on, "I think that would be great. We could get it back to being just about the music, about the mystique; we’ll get back into people’s faces in the best possible way and remind them exactly what we’re capable of.”

Although H.I.M has been quiet for now, they are up for the Revolver Golden God Award in the category ‘Most Dedicated Fans,” go here to cast your vote.

All us devoted H.I.M. fans can do right now is reminisce on their past records, so while you’re listening to their cover of ‘Wicked Game’ on repeat let us know what your favorite H.I.M. album is in the poll below.