With the 'Heritage Hunter' tour in full force, Mastodon, Opeth and Ghost have embarked on a mission of quality music and unique atmosphere. Although Opeth and Mastodon are co-headlining the tour, the next week belongs to Mastodon as they will be closing out the shows.

The members of Mastodon has become modern metal icons with their blend of accessible and catchy metal mixed with enough solid riffs and experimental undertones to keep the underground fans happy as well. Mastodon's latest album, 'The Hunter' is the latest piece of the critically acclaimed career and will be played entirely (with the exception of 'Creature Lives') on the 'Heritage Hunter' tour.

Despite the success of 'The Hunter,' which included a Grammy nomination for 'Curl of the Burl,' it's a difficult process to identify which album is truly Mastodon's greatest work. So we're taking the question to the Loudwire readers to find out what the fans think.

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