It all began back in the late '90s when Slipknot, a bunch of masked marauders out of the Midwest, injected the metal scene with exactly the kick in the pants it had been needing. Though the band had one prior demo with another vocalist, it was their 1999 self-titled disc with frontman Corey Taylor that really put them on the map. A string of successful tours, albums and songs followed, lifting the band to the top of the metal scene. Our Readers Poll asks you tell us your favorite Slipknot song.

As previously stated, the band's 1999 self-titled debut really started their rise to fame. It spawned such favorites as 'Wait and Bleed,' 'Spit It Out' and 'Surfacing.' The 'Iowa' album followed in 2001, with 'Left Behind,' 'People = S---,' 'The Heretic Anthem' and 'My Plague' all gaining favor with fans.

In 2004, Slipknot returned with 'Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses),' which gave us 'Duality,' 'Vermilion,' 'Vermilion, Pt. 2,' 'Before I Forget' and 'The Nameless.' The band's most recent album was 'All Hope Is Gone.' The 2008 release was responsible for five major songs -- the title track, 'Psychosocial,' 'Dead Memories,' 'Sulfur' and 'Snuff.'

Sadly, in May of 2010, bassist Paul Gray died, and in late 2013, the band parted ways with drummer Joey Jordison. However, Slipknot are currently working on a new album that Corey Taylor says "feels like a great mesh of ‘Iowa’ and ‘Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses).’"

So while we patiently wait on new music, let's look back on the band's stellar career with a Readers Poll that asks you to tell us which of Slipknot's songs is your favorite. Let us know by voting below: