Meytal Cohen looks nothing like Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin, but she can certainly play like him when it comes to the band's hit 'I Stand Alone.'

Cohen started playing drums at the age of 18 and has banged out numerous drum covers of bands such as Metallica, Dream Theater, Slipknot and many more.

This international drumming sensation was professionally trained and plays fusions of rock, funk, jazz and Afro-Cuban and has performed with many mainstream pop artists as well as playing hard hitting heavy metal drum covers.

Before she found her thunderous passion for the drums she was in the Israel Defense Force for two years. Strong, beautiful and a drum wizard? Miss Cohen needs to be on the look out for some serious groupies.

One thing for sure is that she literally does not miss a beat on her latest drum cover of 'I Stand Alone' and could probably give Godsmack frontman and one-time stickman Sully Erna a run for his money in those epic drum battles he's been known to have with his bandmate Larkin.

Watch Meytal Cohen Perform Godsmack's 'I Stand Alone'