As wildfires blaze in Australia, the winds kicked up on Thursday (Jan. 2), spurring what is being dubbed a "fire tornado," which is about as metal as Mother Nature can get.

ABC 13 reported, over 200 fires continue to rage across the country, prompting mass evacuations as roughly 140,000 citizens and thousands of vacationers fled from the increasingly threatening flames and some were picked up by Navy ships as they stood along the coastline.

The Australian Red Cross is currently seeking donations to foster disaster relief. The metal community has always been one to support from within and now it's time to support those in need regardless of tastes in music. If you wish to help out, you can do so here.

While the scene captured on video by Brenton Davis may have resembled Slayer's stage show, there's no delight in these harrowing forces of nature. In the clip, which was shot along the north coast of Kangaroo Island, intense wind whipped the flames around, eventually forming a funnel of smoke and fire, while Davis looked on.

View the video of the fire tornado below.

In addition to displacing over 100,000 residents, the ongoing fires have claimed at least ten lives over the last week while destroying over 400 homes as well.

All of us at Loudwire are wishing for the safety of the residents of Australia and for a speedy rebuild in the affected communities.

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