Rockers Flaw had the modest goal of funding a new touring vehicle when they started a GoFundMe page, but ended up with more publicity than they ever expected thanks to The Late Show host Stephen Colbert. The veteran rock band's attempt to fund a new van was initially used in a joke by Colbert, comparing their search to that of Donald Trump attempting to build a wall at the Mexican border. Flaw got a little more exposure later on when Colbert called back to the campaign in a May episode telling a joke about how Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos could spend his money.

Despite the two shout outs on late night television, the campaign to purchase a new van failed to meet its goal by a small amount, so Colbert decided to come to the rescue. "They were only a few thousand dollars short, and after that shout-out from me, you the Late Show community stepped up ... and agreed that you don’t care if Flaw needs a van,” joked Colbert. “You still did not raise enough for Flaw to get a van. So I just bought Flaw a van, and I invited all the members of the band ... to come to New York and check out their new wheels."

In the segment above, Colbert reveals the van along with a number of accoutrements. A throw rug, some pillows, a cactus, a kitten with a litter box and the band's very own personal "grandmother" came along with the van. Plus, Colbert provided a misspelled banner, and posters of Young Sheldon and Bull to place on the outside of the vehicle, keeping it in the CBS family.

Colbert wasn't done with the band quite yet, shutting down the street outside the theater so that the band could shoot a music video for their new single "Conquer This Climb" with Colbert, the van and their road grandmother that can be seen in the player below.

With a video shot and some new wheels to get to additional shows, Flaw are now working toward a new album. A PledgeMusic campaign has been started, where fans can add on merchandise, autographed items, handwritten lyrics and even the chance to host a private acoustic show with a backyard barbecue. Get details on the campaign for the upcoming Vol. IV disc, expected this fall, right here.

Flaw (featuring Stephen Colbert), "Conquer This Climb"

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