It's been a busy week for the Foo Fighters, who are just starting to thaw out from their hiatus. Taking the stage for their lone scheduled U.S. performance of 2017 at the BottleRock Festival, the band didn't finish before the 10PM curfew, resulting in the plug being pulled on their sound.

The fest took place in Napa Valley where the strict curfew was adhered to despite the Foo Fighters being moments away from wrapping up their set as they neared the end of "Everlong." When the power to the PA was cut, the crowd helped the band finish the song, making for a memorable highlight. “You know, here’s the thing. If you’re gonna pull the plug, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re gonna stop. We were close. They could have given us that one extra minute,” Grohl said with a laugh to KROQ.

“We play pizza parlors, through hurricanes, we kind of just like to play, so whenever something like that happens – it usually creates a moment too," added the frontman. "When something’s keeping you from playing and you keep playing… like if you break your leg, you keep playing. It was another one of those things.”

BottleRock CEO Dave Graham wasn't overjoyed about having to abbreviate the band's set, telling Live105, “I was responsible for making sure that we ended at 10 and it pained me to have to do that.” The risk of incurring a fine was not the driving factor as many would assume, however. “I would have happily paid a big fine to keep them playing,” he noted, continuing, “It’s less about the money and it’s more about the trust within the community and the credibility that our festival has within the community.”

With more dates to come elsewhere around the world, the Foos are hitting the road armed with a new track, "Run," which Dave Grohl has now opened up on. "Run" made a surprise debut yesterday (June 1) with a hilarious music video that depicted the band in an elder state, still rocking hard, “It’s something that we came up with not too long ago, maybe three or four months ago,” commented Grohl. “We’re about to go out and do a bunch of shows this summer so we kind of felt weird going out on tour without anything new to play, so we thought we’d offer this up before we go out.”

With a busy schedule ahead, what else is in store for the Foo Fighters? Grohl mentioned that a Southern California show is "not too far off" in his estimation, with an "announcement about all the fun things we’re going to do this year" coming "pretty soon."

And how about a new album? “We’ll see. I don’t know. You’ll just have to read our little Twitter feed,” teased Grohl.

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