As the Nov. 10 release date for Foo Fighters' latest album 'Sonic Highways' quickly approaches, frontman Dave Grohl is already thinking about the album after this one.

In an interview with Studio Brussels (watch above), Grohl offered his take on the album that will follow 'Sonic Highways.' "Wait until you see what we're doing for the next record," Grohl says. "That's some f--ked up s--t. I already know what we're doing for that, and it makes this look like f--king kindergarten."

The 'Sonic Highways' documentary series is currently airing on HBO, with the Nashville episode premiering tomorrow (Oct. 31). Grohl interviewed Dolly Parton, Zac Brown and Carrie Underwood. A clip of 'Congregation,' inspired by Grohl's experiences and interviews in Nashville, is available below.

In the Studio Brussels interview, Grohl gave a preview of episode seven of the series, which is set in Seattle. The first Foo Fighters album was recorded in the same studio as Nirvana's final song 'You Know You're Right.' Grohl says his personal history with the studio made it an emotional episode.

"I didn't want to make music any more after Nirvana," Grohl says. "Then time went on and I thought wait a minute, music is the one thing that's going to help me start over, it's going to heal me, so that's what I have to keep doing."

Grohl continues, "So I went back to that same studio, and recorded again, and my life started over again, so that becomes the theme of the episode, and that also becomes the theme of the song."

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