The Foo Fighters are generally beloved within the industry, but it was still interesting to see the reaction to their Democratic National Convention performance by those who follow politics more than music.

The group played a two-song stripped-back set for the more reserved audience, performing a pair of favorites that fit well with the event. "It's an honor to be here and I think this song makes perfect sense here tonight," revealed Dave Grohl before launching into an acoustic version of 'My Hero.' The song itself showcased a little more key-based involvement than usual, with Rami Jaffee getting a chance to shine mid-song. In addition, the lighter version put more emphasis on Taylor Hawkins' drumming skills, as he had a chance to add his own flourishes to the track.

After 'My Hero,' Grohl led a second stripped-back song, strumming his way solo through the lead verse of 'Walk' before the rest of the band began to pick up the tempo with their parts.

As with most things surrounding the conventions, there was plenty of discussion afterward. Grunge Report reports that former Utah governor and onetime Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman told FOX News, "I think it was proved at the Democratic Convention that the Foo Fighters still put on a pretty good performance live," to which on-air personality Neil Cavuto added, "They did have better music. I got to tell you. I'm just saying."

Meanwhile, CNN host Piers Morgan had a different take. While speaking with his guest Ashley Judd, Morgan stated, "I don't really like the Foo Fighters. I'm more of a Mary J. Blige man myself." After cutting away minutes later to CNN's 'Situation Room,' host Wolf Blitzer would revisit Morgan's comments stating that he liked Foo Fighters.

Watch the Foo Fighters Play the Democratic National Convention

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