Dave Grohl recently took to the Foo Fighters' official website expressing sincere gratitude toward the band's fans for a banner year.

He started off by calling their latest disc ‘Wasting Light,’ "the most incredible album experience of our band's 17 year history," noting that in today’s modern era of advanced technology, it’s no small feat that a rock album, recorded in a more organic way, could make it to No. 1, grab a Grammy nod for ‘Album of the Year,’ and take the band around the world and back.

He reflected on the last 18 months for the band, commenting, “I don't think we've ever worked so hard at making an album, and it ever being so easy.” Embracing the true essence of rock ‘n’ roll through ‘Wasting Light,’ Foo Fighters accomplished exactly what they set out to do: “From day one, the idea for this record was to make something completely simple and honest, to capture that thing that happens when you put the 5 of us in a small room,” said Grohl.

He also pointed out the importance of recruiting producer Butch Vig for ‘Wasting Light,’ highly praising his involvement: “His [Butch] role in this whole experience is huge, and he deserves a great 'thanks', too. Not many producers would accept the challenge that we handed him. He's the best, for sure. Together, we made the album of a lifetime. Again.” The "Again" is a reference to Vig's work on Nirvana's landmark disc 'Nevermind.'

Most importantly, he wanted fans to know that they are far from finished, assuring, “There are still more shows to play, more songs to write, more albums to record, for years to come.”

In other news, Foo Fighters were recently announced as one of the headliners of The Bamboozle 2012.