Okay Foo Fighters fans, it's time to start speculating what the band is up to as they've just launched a countdown clock at their website. For those doing the math, the clock will reach its conclusion on Nov. 22, presumably leading to a big announcement.

But what will that announcement be? Most are speculating that it has something to do with a second season of the band's Sonic Highways series. Dave Grohl has previously teased that there will be another season though the specifics have not been revealed. He hinted at any number of possibilities of where they could take the concept.

Or it could be a deluxe edition of Sonic Highways with bonus material not featured in the series or on record. Nov. 10 marked the one year anniversary of the album's release, so an expanded effort is something the band could be plotting, as is commonplace with a lot of acts whose albums have generated any sort of success and have started to see the sales start to fall back a bit.

The other major possibility is that a live album could be coming. The countdown page does feature the Foo Fighters logo inside a road sign symbol and the band has played one of the most buzzed about tours of the year. There are any numbers of shows the band has played, from their 4th of July anniversary blowout to Dave Grohl's L.A.-based birthday party to any number of shows that featured a wealth of special guests, that could have been recorded over the past year.

The photo on the countdown page also features a dog-like statue sitting atop a bannister, while a velour-print wall often associated with a music venue is back in the distance. Plus the noise playing on the page is just a lot of off-mic chatter and movement like what you might hear backstage at a show.

The third possibility is a new EP or studio album. Dave Grohl recently confirmed at an appearance in Austin that the band has laid down five songs in the studio with special guest Ben Kweller. And with the amount of guest stars who have joined them on the road, it's not out of the question that a guest-filled new release could be coming soon.

Let us know your suspicions in the comments section below and be sure to return to the Foo Fighters site on Nov. 22 for the big announcement.

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