Foo Fighters have been somewhat quiet over the last few months, popping up long enough to let fans know that writing was under way on their new album and playing a few late year dates in Mexico in 2013 just to get in the vibe of playing music again. But now Foo Fighters have a message for all of their patiently waiting fans: "It's F---ing ON!"

That message came through loud and clear thanks to an Instagram post the band delivered Thursday night (Jan. 16) which also included a photo that included five reels of master tape for their new album. The band didn't give anyway in terms of the album title, simply labeling each tape "LP 8." Of the five ATR tapes, there are two labeled "Master Tones," with one being a safety copy, while the other three tapes are the first three reels of new music.

The Instagram photo can be seen below:


At present, there is no official title or release date for the new album, though the disc is expected to surface in 2014. It should be noted however that the band were confirmed as one of the headliners of the Firefly Music Festival earlier this week. The event runs June 19-22 in Dover, Del., leading to the assumption that everything will be complete by the time the band return to the road.