Foo Fighters recently dropped a new track, “The Sky Is a Neighborhood,” from the band’s upcoming ninth studio album, Concrete and Gold and now a music video for the song has also been unveiled. The clip stars Dave Grohl’s kids, Violet and Harper.

Foo Fighters have been hyping up their Concrete and Gold album for months, having released the track “Run” and jamming “La Dee Da,” “Sunday Rain,” “Dirty Water” and “Arrows” live. “The Sky Is a Neighborhood” is the Foos’ newest offering, the band having recorded the song in a single afternoon.

“One night I was lying out looking up at stars,” frontman Dave Grohl recalls. “Just imagining all of these stars as places that have life on them as well, and I decided that the sky is a neighborhood, that we need to keep our s--t together in order to survive in this universe full of life. But I had no music yet. I just had the title. So everyday I would walk around, kind of humming this thing in my head.”

According to Grohl, “The Sky Is a Neighborhood” signaled the completion of Foo Fighters’ ninth album. “Once we were finished, I thought 'OK now we have an album,” Grohl recalls. “‘This is it and we’re done’…  as we were mixing, I realized that we'd actually done what we set out do: to make this gigantic Foo Fighters record but with Greg Kurstin’s sense of jazz and melody and arrangement, something that we’d never done before.”

In the Dave Grohl-directed video for “The Sky Is a Neighborhood,” 11-year-old Violet and 8-year-old Harper read the song’s lyrics out of a book in-sync with Grohl’s singing. Meanwhile, the Foos jam on the roof under a sky filled with stars.

Check out Foo Fighters’ new video for “The Sky Is a Neighborhood” above and get ready for Concrete and Gold to be released Sept. 15.

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