A little over a year ago, fans around the world speculated that Dave Grohl was going to pursue a solo career, leaving the status of the Foo Fighters up in the air. The band wound up going on a brief hiatus and have already returned with new music. As a complete surprise, they dropped the "Run" music video and they debuted another new jam at the Secret Solstice Festival yesterday (June 16) in the Icelandic capital city of Reykjavík.

In the footage above, Grohl addresses the crowd, lamenting, "We only have 22 minutes left, but I want to play you all the new f--king songs." After polling his bandmates, who decide to break out "La Dee Da" (spelling per YouTube video), the band tore into the garage rock cut, bursting with a push and pull energy. The songs starts off slightly bouncy with an "Ooh!" to accent one of the breaks and "La Dee Da" explodes over the chorus as Grohl unleashes a series of feral screams, alternating more traditionally sung lines between them.

Earlier this month, Grohl confirmed that longtime Foo Fighters touring keyboardist Rami Jaffe is now an official member of the group, making the band a six-piece outfit. The news was revealed while the frontman was a guest on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show, nonchalantly adding, "Rami’s been in for 14 years or something, it’s been awhile," when asked if the keyboardist was indeed an official member.

Elaborating on his bandmate, Grohl continued, “He’s such a big part of the band too. He’s amazing, if you’ve ever hung out with him, he’s the sweetest guy in the world. He’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. He’s amazing, but when we get together and play, it sounds the way it sounds.”

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