Update: We've all been trolled! Click here for Foo Fighters' "official announcement."

Looks like the rumors were true. Foo Fighters are taking an indefinite hiatus.

Earlier today, Foo Fighters posted that an official band announcement would take place on March 3. Page Six speculated that frontman Dave Grohl is planning to begin a solo career, while reporting that drummer Taylor Hawkins was pissed off about it. However, another source claimed there was absolutely not bad blood behind the hiatus.

Foo Fighters have not yet made the official announcement, but in a new interview with Artisan News from an interview conducted on Jan. 16, Hawkins revealed the band was taking a “ihateus.” “We’re on ihateus right now, we’re on an indefinite ihateus,” Hawkins said. “That’s not because we don’t love each other, or don’t want to make music together. We did so much in the last five or six years. We as a band could go into the studio tomorrow and have just as much fun as we ever had, but I think that the world needs a break from us for a little while.”

Foo Fighters have announced hiatus’ before, the last coming in 2012. It only lasted about four months, however, as the band quickly began working on new music. Stay tuned for the official word from Foo Fighters.

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