Well, looks like we all got trolled. The good news is Foo Fighters aren’t breaking up, the bad news is Nick Lachey is the band’s new vocalist.

Alright, not really, but the former 98 Degrees singer does appear in Foo Fighters’ official band announcement, which was just posted on the Foos’ Facebook page. After rumor spread that Dave Grohl was planning to go solo following his performance at the Oscars, Foo Fighters decided to address the buzz not by simply posting a statement, but by making a seven minute video.

In the parody clip, Grohl does in fact decide to go solo. Burdened by the hardship of actually playing an instrument, he decides to embark on a career in electronic music. Simply pushing a button and soaking in the fame appealed to Dave, so he immediately hit the studio. Meanwhile, the instrumental section of Foo Fighters brainstormed about who the band’s new singer should be. Despite considering obvious choices like Justin Bieber, Scott Stapp and Prince, Nick Lachey showed up for an audition.

Here’s where things get creepy: Nick Lachey actually sings “Everlong” with the Foo Fighters. And honestly, it’s not bad. So congratulations, Foos. You trolled the world, made us listen to Nick Lachey sing and gave us a huge sigh of relief all at the same time. Well played.

In fairness to those reports of the band going on a break, Foos drummer Taylor Hawkins did say the band was going on hiatus in a recent interview, but that may have all been part of the master plan.

Update: After the video message hit the internet, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan weighed in with his praise and a comment on being considered for the "vacancy." See his post below:

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