Dave Grohl proved his ability to think on the fly with Foo Fighters' recent 'Sonic Highways' album, as he took some of the passages and key points from interviews and turned them into songs representing the respective cities the band visited. But his even quicker thinking turned into a special moment at a recent show in Santiago, Chile.

Overwhelmed by the response of fans, Grohl stopped a song and praised the audience for them singing the lyrics before he was able to get into it. The audience then celebrated with a change of "Ole ole ole! Chile! Chile!"

Going with the flow, Grohl then transformed the chant into a new song. First rocking out a guitar lick, then being joined by the rest of the band members who picked up on the cue, the Foos led the audience in a rocked out version of the chant. "We've got a new Foo Fighters song," remarked Grohl. "I like it."

Check out the video in full above.

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