The name Tony Currenti may not ring a bell, but at one point in the mid-70s he was the studio drummer for AC/DC. Currenti played on the band’s 1975 Australian debut album ‘High Voltage,’ but didn’t continue with the band as they went on to score international fame and became the biggest musical export from Down Under.

Tony Currenti recently appeared on the Australian TV’s ‘The Morning Show.’ The drummer shared his story of performing and recording with the band back in the day and shed light on why he didn't end up joining the band. Check out the video above.

Currenti says he played the drums on every song off AC/DC's Australian debut except ‘Baby Please Don’t Go.‘ He says he was asked to join the band twice in four days but declined due to immigration issues. “My dream was to travel around,” he said. “There was just one problem: I had an Italian passport. I couldn’t go anywhere. That was one of the reasons why I had to decline the offer to join them.”

The Italian-born drummer also shared a story about late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott saying, “He was a fun guy. He liked a bit of a drink and we’d meet up at the bar very often”

After declining to join the band, Currenti went back to his Italian roots opening a pizzeria in Sydney, which is still in operation and boasts some AC/DC memorabilia on its walls.

Meanwhile, AC/DC will release their new album ‘Rock or Bust’ on Dec. 2. As recently reported, Malcolm Young’s nephew Stevie Young has stepped in for the ailing rocker on guitar. It was recently revealed that Malcolm, who stepped away from the band earlier this year, is suffering from dementia and will not be returning to the band.

In other AC/CD news, a Bon Scott biopic is moving forward despite objections from the band. Read more about that here.

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