He wasn't the original Guns N' Roses drummer, but Matt Sorum could definitely hold his own when it came to partying with his notoriously excessive bandmates. The drummer tells TMZ he had some good times over the years with drinking games, and he recalled his favorite in a video interview.

Sorum says the game was called 'Wear the Lamp Shade,' and he describes it as follows: "You'd get drunk and do this shenanigans where you'd take the lamp shade off the top of the lamp and dance around with the lamp shade … usually I was naked and the next person you handed it to had to get naked."

The drummer says that it was fairly important that this game was played when there was an overabundant percentage of women to men in the room, thus making sure he'd see something he truly wanted to see.

Though it's been several years since his last major band Velvet Revolver did anything, Sorum has kept himself busy producing, recording with his other band Diamond Baby and playing drums will the all-star covers outfit Camp Freddy. He's also been working on a solo album.

Watch Matt Sorum Describe His Favorite Drinking Game