Megadeth is in a serious state of turmoil at the moment. On the same day recently, both drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick left the band. Fans have been contemplating who could potentially replace the duo, but two former Megadeth members have come out to say they'd never return.

Former Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover, who played on 'United Abominations' and is the brother of Shawn Drover, addressed Megadeth's current situation on Nov. 26, quickly swatting away the possibility of a return. "Instead of replying to a whack of messages with this question, I thought I would do this for everyone..... I'm very sorry, but to those who want to see me back in Megadeth, that will never happen," Glen writes via Facebook. "Other cool things coming up. Again, sorry, but there is NO chance I would ever do that. Now saying all of that, thanks a ton for all of your awesome support and It was fun while I was there playing all those cool shows and meeting a lot of you!"

Fellow former Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young, who can be heard on 'So Far, So Good… So What!' also shot down a reunion. In response to a fan question, Young replied, "I have zero interest in 'the Megadeth situation.'" Young even predicted the dissolution of Megadeth entirely, adding, "The band is done. Put a fork in it." [via Team Rock]

Meanwhile, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is currently mourning the loss of his mother-in-law, Sally Estabrook. Estabrook had suffered from Alzheimer's disease and on Oct. 4 she went missing. Sadly, her body was found on Nov. 26.

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